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The demand for CBD is growing exponentially - double digits each year! More and more adults are aware that CBD, taken in the right formulation, can provide multiple therapeutic benefits for themselves and family members' and friends' health and well-being.

The problem that most common and conventional Hemp and CBD Oils offer very low bioavailability (i.e. its ability to enter the bloodstream). Someone unaware or misinformed could spend money purchasing CBD products that are ineffective and will go to waste because the CBD in them cannot be absorbed into the bloodstream. It means that they will have to spend too much money for too little results. That's were VERUM CBD enters the picture. It's up to 18-times more bioavailable that most common or conventional CBD products; and for that reason it REALLY works. And we've got the empirical scientific data to prove it!

The majority of the market would choose, purchase and consume VERUM CBD if the understood its efficacy, its 90% bioavailability, when compared to most common CBD and Hemp oils that are approximately only 5% bioavailable.

Our mission to help people find comfort and relief through VERUM CBD and to educate them about all its potential therapeutic benefits.

By uniting and working together to spread the word about VERUM we can help people stop waisting their money and get the health benefits they are seeking.

Millions are “talking” about CBD...
- but we’re actually doing something about it - We have a product that works GREAT!

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